Cedar Tavern 

The Cedar Tavern the staff works hard to keep you from sitting at a table.

The downstairs staff wants to ship you upstairs and the upstairs staff surveys the empty room behind them, audibly sighs with annoyance and turns back to you asking if you sent up because downstairs was full.

Do these people work for tips? Are they paid by the number of people they turn away from an empty room?


cellphone conversation soundbites overheard while riding on the South Beach bound S52 Bus in Staten Island last night: 

"You wanna come over my house and watch wrestling tonight?"

"Tell him he can come over and we can watch wrestling like a big happy family like we usedta."

"He's such a fuckin' asshole. He could do so much beddah den haah!"

"Hello [to a BestBuy representative]? Hi. Maybe you can help me. I wanted to know if you could tell me if you got any Twilight Zone DVD's. How much are they?"

RIP Eddie Layton 

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