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I won't tell you about the girl who came to see my apartment while eating a pint of Ben & Jerry's chocolate ice cream. What else can I tell you?

My last post from here.

Somebody took the place. I am moving to the opposite end of the IRT from where I grew up at. As I walked briskly by the bars hoping to make a train back into the city I saw a giant raccoon tonight. Whe I got on the train I listened to a Jappy girl tell her sex-in-the-city hopeful pal about her perfectly successful boyfriend who wasn't decisive like her because he would never just, like, pick up like she did and go to a shitty law school. Glad I am out.

On the way out of GC I saw a very stoned young kid and his Tommy Hilfiger's daughter look-a-like girlfriend. She started yelling at him. "Okay. Show me where the fucking platform to fucking Long Island is now or I am fucking...!"

The rent in Manhattan is pricey, but the floor show is free.

Tomorrow I move again.

Last week we rented a truck and I could only fit half of my studio full of shit into it. Now, I make the final run. Last week, a Jamaican U-Haul employee tried to fuck me over by claiming there was a bent in the bumper of the 1972 Ford I rented. The shit looked like it had been driven through FalluJAH for Chrissakes.

When I pointed out the guy's obvious distaste for the NYPD Holy Name shirt I wore to ward off extra scrutiny on our rental vehicle, the supervisor, Sister Carole, asked me if it was a racial t'ing? No its a getting ripped off by the guy outside for damage costs to a bullshit fucked up type t'ing. She let us coast and I am going back tomorrow with some burnt Gregory Isaacs CD's for her and a hurley stick for Senor Spliff after he's done checking through my returned vehicular apparatus.

Unfortunately, I wore my Toots tee shirt today. I usedta have a Trinny independence day shirt, but I got no other islands-friendly clothing.


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I'm showing my apartment. Seeking to escape the city. Moving to the glorious boro that hosted the glorious first three years of my life and hoping to find some other sucker to take over my over-priced relatively cheap apartment so I can do so with less bother. I posted the post and said no to the parasitic brokers who called within three minutes. I couldn't pass up the chance to survey the freaks seeking relatively cheap overpriced housing.

Seems to me the egregiously self-absorbed from the rest of the world flock to Manhattan to fully develop their grotesque self-absorbtion. They speak in terms of their needs as if a stranger is supposed to care.

The first guy was a double for Mr. Sulu (west coast relaxed deep-voiced affluent corp-caz fleece wearing preppy) look-a-like who slapped me around with passive aggression.

- I told him he had to jump through the property manger's hoops to get the place.

- Sulu relayed several irrelevant negotiating points he had memorized with no regard to what I had just said.

- "[gratuitous false hesitation before speech]... How early can I move in?"

- "You need to apply with the manager and get approved."

- "Can I do it Monday?"

Sure, but I have the lease for the rest of the month.

But I need to move my stuff out by tomorrow...


I can pay movers and have them move in on Monday.


You see it just doesn't make any sense to move twice... So...


I have friends I can store stuff with, but...


I need to move stuff out now, but I don't want to move twice.

Maybe you shoulda looked last month.

Can we do a sublet and I can move on Monday?

No. You can get approved by Monday if the office moves quick.

It just doesn't make any sense to have to move twice


He's read Faulkner... Basso? 

"I wouldn't fight in New York," Judah said. "See what happens when you come home? I ain't stupid."
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