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Please, please, please, convene a new two-year grand jury after 120 days. Then she can pose her self righteous look-at-me-and-my-media-covering-media-exposure pose as she protects Mr. Roves's chess piece employees for another 24 months.

Press confidentiality is a loud trumpet when you are protecting the whistleblower against the man, but when you are protecting the man from retaliating against the whistleblower, well?

Judge Hogan better fine the Times (part-owners of the Red Sox) up the whazooo!


people you meet 

Today I met the fat white Sikh guy who works as a conductor for the MTA.

I wouldn't have noticed him if he hadn't slammed his gian bag into my shoulder while opening the very last door of the 4 train door in order to save his large body a few steps.

Here he is.

people you meet 

Today I met Leslie Crocker Snyder. She was campaigning outside the 86th Street Lexington Avenue line for Manhattan DA. When they asked me if I was a registered Democrat, I told 'em I recently moved to the Bronx.

Leslie stuck it out in the rain. I know because I waited out the rain in the Barnes and Noble.

Morgenthau, who is made of cardboard, could never have accomplished that task.

Morgie is like Castro: you can wait for him to die, but just how long are you gonna live.

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